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the GATHERING at Baytown is a body of believers who believe the Jesus is EVERYTHING. If you are looking for a place to belong, where you can grow in your knowledge of who He is and why He came, then join us Sundays and Wednesdays as we journey through the scriptures seeking to know Him from the Word and in fellowship with one another.

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Study of the End Times


What are the different views on end times? Could it be at any moment or are there certain things that must precede His return? Will we raptured prior to, in the middle of or at the end of the Tribulation. Take a historical and biblical look at eschatology

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2 Kings 7-8


Elisha predicts a miraculous abundance of food in the midst of a famine and the Shunamite woman has her land returned to her from king Jehoram.

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Immersion, sprinkle or pour? Infant or adult only? Does it cause rebirth or is it merely a symbol of rebirth? Check out this historical and biblical study on the study of Baptism.

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2 Kings 5-6


Elisha heals a Syrian leper and the prophet's servants eyes are opened to see the chariots of fire that are fighting on behalf of Elisha.

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