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When you come to The Gathering this is what you will find: 

  • A relaxed atmosphere where Jesus is emphasized and we are not
  • Suits are not required! Come as you are, Jesus cares about your heart not your clothes
  • A relevant message aimed at challenging what you believe and how you live
  • A great children's ministry that teaches kids on their level
  • A warm group of believers who love Jesus and want you to feel welcome
  • A donut shop is next door! How cool is that? Get here early for breakfast

Here's what you won't find:

  • A whole bunch of programs that are aimed at keeping people in the church - it's about Jesus
  • A social strata that separates people based on race, economics or anything else. Jesus came to break down barriers
  • An awkward plate passing time. We have a box in the back for those who feel led to give
  • A Walmart mentality, where the customer is always right. It's about Jesus and pleasing Him
  • A compromise on the word of God - We exalt what He says and make no excuses 

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5790 N Main 77521

 Sundays 9&11 am
Wednesdays 7:00 pm


Tuesday - Friday 

10 AM- 4 PM

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